Online Reputation Management

Online Reputation Management Services

Epyk Digital offers online reputation management services in Johannesburg, because we know just how important it is. Before someone does any business with you or buys your services or products, the very first thing they will do is to google you, your business and services.

If potential clients find a negative comment about you or a negative review, they will judge your brand based on that, and they probably won’t go ahead with the sale, or want to continue using your services or products.

That’s why as a business or brand, you need to be aware of what is being said about you, and this is where online reputation management comes in.

Epyk Digital can help you manage your online reputation, and be on the lookout of when you brand gets mentioned. We can’t control the things that will get said, but we can make it our business to know about it, and to do damage control by suppressing the negative things, and having the positive stuff come to the forefront, to properly  and positively represent your brand/business.

We have digital platforms that we can utilize to post content about your business that reflects it positively, and this will go along way in ensuring that you do not lose potential leads based on false negative information.

Benefits of Online Reputation Management

ORM conveys the best story about your business

Online Reputation Management allows for the best stories about your products, business, services to be told.

ORM removes negative information about you from the top rankings

ORM will effectively deal with the negative comments or listings about your business, services or products. Negative listings will be removed, or be pushed down the rankings so that prospective clients see the positive stories about your business being told.

ORM is cost-effective

Online Reputation Management is cost effective, because it costs less to manage a clean image of our company than it is to clean up negative things that can cause your company a lot in losses, because of  lost of business.

ORM provides control over Google rankings

ORM works well with seo, which will help manage your Google Top 10 listings for keywords related to your services, brand and products. Top 10 Google results get the most eyeballs from any search, and if there is something negative that is said about your company, your reputation will definitely be tainted.

Why Epyk Digital

We can help you in keeping your online reputation intact, by cleaning up and removing negative results from the 1st page of google.

Get in touch with us, and let us help you restore your good name.