Exciting SEO Projects That Are in the Pipeline

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August 14, 2018
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Exciting SEO Projects That Are in the Pipeline

SEO Projects In the Pipeline

As an SEO company, we always get excited when we have businesses come on board looking for our input in their marketing. Because for one, it says that they have trust in us to deliver, and 2, we know we will deliver, which we thrive on here at Epyk Digital.

The last couple of months have been a bit of a rollercoaster, they have both been challenging and exciting, because it is in challenges that one gets to stretch themselves sometimes beyond their limits or far from what they thought they could. Without further ado, here are some of the SEO projects that we are currently working on:

Chiropractor Johannesburg – This is a project that we started just to test just how competitive the market of chiropractors is, in Johannesburg. To our surprise, we learnt very early on that the term “chiropractor Johannesburg” is not that competitive (or we are just that good :). Because just as we started building the site, we immediately started ranking on page one for that term. The idea is to dominate the market, and hopefully by 2019 we will meet that goal. Click here and check it out.

Attorney Connect – One of our focus is to do more lawyer SEO than what we are currently doing. As part of getting deeper into the indusrty, we decided to create a law firm directory, kind of like an attorney lawyer directory in South Africa to test the market, experience it and ultimately dominate it. Our aim for this site is to have a platform that law firms can take advantage of and list their firms, where the public can have access to the different law firms for when they need legal advice.

Contractor Connect – A great niche for Epyk Digital is contractors, and we have quite a few clients in this niche. As you know, it’s quite broad, and we wanted to get into it to experience it, test it and yes you guessed it, dominate it. There are so many different contractors out there, and part of the challenge will be to dominate the different niches within the contractor sphere, and it’s still early days as we just got the domain now, but we already can see that this is going to be one of the huge projects, a real beast. But we are up for it and we will dominate it. By 2019, we should have a good number of categories created, seeded and ranking. Click here to check it out

Tree Felling Johannesburg – This is a project that we started on for a favour for a client. Unfortunately, because of the work load on our hands, we just haven’t had the resources to go full steam on it. However, we hope that as things slow down in December, there will be a few hours that we will be able to have to devote to it. We have come across some tree felling companies and instant lawn companies, and this is definitey a niche that we are looking to get into and understand better. Click here and click here to check it out.

Toshiba Direct – This is my second encounter working on a project that deals with printers and copiers, and it’s extremely exciting. Toshiba Direct deals with Toshiba Printers and Copiers, as well as their multifunction printers. This project is exciting because there are big players in the space that we will be competing with, and it will be interesting to see the progression of this project as we move the website to the 1st page of Google. Click here and check it out.

Pretire Executive Platform and App – This is another great project that we are crazily excited about. This is probably the first time that we work to get online exposure for an app, and we love challenges like this. As you may know, the recruitment space is extremely competitive, but of course we are up for the challenge, because with our indepth knowledge and passion for SEO, we know we are getting this app right to the top of the Google results. It’s quite a new project but our SEO strategy is pretty tight, and we can’t wait to roll everything out and get the results that we want. Click here and check it out.

Unfortunately there’s just too many projects to mention here at this moment, so maybe we will do a part 2 of this post and talk about the other projects. We won’t get into detail about the other ones, but you can click here, click here, and click here for the others.

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