5 Critical SEO Mistakes To Avoid in 2017

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March 9, 2017
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5 Critical SEO Mistakes To Avoid in 2017

SEO Mistakes That You Should Avoid in 2017

Search engine optimization is more important than ever in 2017, to business who are looking to own the online space. And of course, Google will continue to refine their algorithms, so knowing what to do and the best way to do to it is crucial.

Ignoring long-tail keywords

As marketers sometimes we are trapped into thinking that short tail keywords are the bread and butter of all things SEO. We tend to focus on keywords that are too generic i.e car insurance when the actual search for a person might be car insurance for second hand car or car insurance for a BMW. 

The truth is though, someone who is making a search for a service or a product on Google will be more descriptive of what they are looking for.

We need to start thinking of long tail keywords that actual people are using when they are looking for services and products. Also think of your normal behavior, and how you search for things. So, research is important, ignoring long tail keywords will make you miss out on SEO opportunities. You cannot ignore long tail keywords—those highly specific, four- or five-keyword phrases are very important, they are what potential customers search for to find what they are looking to buy.

Keyword stuffing

Keyword stuffing used to work to rank sites back in 2009 . . . and now in 2017, it is a tactic that WILL get your site slapped. If you are still cramming a lot of keywords into your content, you need to stop this immediately. This tactic is considered as spamming and Google does not take kindly to websites that use this tactic. In the long run, this will cripple your SEO efforts.

Instead of using the same keyword over and over in your content, you should rather focus on using LSI (latent semantic indexing). This will tell Google and the other search engines what your content is about, and this will also improve on user experience.

 Too many redirects and broken pages

Redirecting pages incorrectly will affect your site, it may even affect your authority. When you move content, make sure that you do it properly, by using 301 redirects instead of the temporary 302 redirect. Also, make sure that you check your redirects, that they render properly and go to the place you want them to.

Most sites will have a few broken pages, and you want to keep this to a few. Sort out all the broken pages that you have on your site, this will improve the experience of the people who are using your site.

Plagiarizing and Duplicate content

Duplicate content is a No-No . . . and if you think you can get off writing high quality content by using article spinners, then you are in for a rude awakening.

Content spinning does not work, maybe it may work for a while, but when Google catches on (and they will), you can say goodbye to those rankings. Instead of scraping someone else’s content, you are better off taking some time off to write high quality content. If you can’t, then invest in a reputable high quality content writer or agency, to write the content for you.

Get help

The truth is some SEO guys are also content writers, social media marketers, link building and many other functions. And the truth is, you just cannot be good at everything.

If SEO is what you do well, then stick to that and get help with other things. Get help with the other things, you can always get reputable agencies that you will help you out

If you have too much on your plate, consider partnering with a reputable Digital agency like Epyk Digital.



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