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May 20, 2017
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Building SEO Digital Property

As many of you may already know, affiliate marketing years ago is what got me sucked into the world of online marketing, and since then I never really looked back.

The idea of making money online was just too intriguing to me, and that’s why years after I sold my first Health Blog on Flippa back in 2011, I am still at it.

Lately, besides being hectically busy on my Travel blog, Entertainment blog and Tech blog, there are other projects that have been demanding my time.

One of the big projects that I have undertaken is building directories in different niches that I am busy exploring. One of the reasons is because I like niche directories as compared to business directories that list any and all businesses, because I believe there are great SEO benefits once these directories get authority and start dominating the industry.

Now as you can imagine, I am mostly doing all the work of these directories, outside my other work, so they are growing, even if its at a snails pace. It’s very demanding on my time, but next year this time, I believe some of them will be enjoying a great deal of success.

And of course, some of Epyk Digital’s clients will benefit from these directories.

Here are some of the Niche Business Directories that I have been busy with:

Now this is not the complete list, so you can see that I have my work cut out for me. I don’t expect that every business niche directory will be a success, and get great traffic and authority, but I do know that some of these will be home runs.

Now, now that you know about what is  some of the things that I am working on, I will keep you updated on the progress that these are making. So far, and are doing great and I am seeing great results.

As for the others, I believe they are right behind.

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