5 Link Building Tactics to Avoid in 2018

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January 22, 2018
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5 Link Building Tactics to Avoid in 2018

Link Building Tactics that You Should Avoid in 2018

Link building is one of the core factors when it comes to ranking a website, and it’s one of the difficult things when it comes to SEO, and for web masters to do. It’s quite simple, the difficult part comes when you have to do link building in a way that Google approves, which does not involve buying links.

In order to acquire links and rank for their sites, people have resorted to buying links or using methods that Google does not approve of, and in 2018, you have to be even more careful about link building and where or how you get the links.

Here are five link building tactics that you should avoid in 2018 if you want to get a better rank for your website.

Exact Match Anchor Texts

A few years ago, exact match anchor texts were very very popular, in fact back then, they were a huge ranking factor. For example, if you were looking to rank for Plumber in Randburg, you would use the phrase “Plumber in Randburg” for all the links you would acquire through different websites.

Using the phrase “Plumber in Randburg”, as an anchor text would boost you high up the search engines. Oh how times have changed!

Internet marketers abused this so much that Google put a stop to it, by dropping the rankings of websites that were using anchor texts to rank.

If you want to win the ranking game now in 2018, make sure that you use different anchor texts for your links. Use keywords, use the domain, use the url  . . . make it more natural.

Exact Match Domain Names

Exact match domain names were also huge for rankings, and to some extent they still are. However, when webmasters abused this as well, Google didn’t make them have the same weight when it comes to rankings, as people would register DSTVJohannesburg.co.za website just for the purpose of ranking quickly.

But this is not to say you should shy away from using this technique, it still works very well. Just make sure the website is a proper website with great high-quality content.

Simple URL Structures

A simple URL structure like domain.com/plumbing can be difficult to rank, because the search engines only know it’s about a broad topic like plumbing.  If you had a page about drips and leaks in Randburg and your url was domain.com/drips-leaks-randburg, the search engines and the people landing on your page would have a better idea of what the page was about. Simple url are not that great now, rather use rich keyword urls to tell the search engines better about what your page is about.

Article and Link Directories

Article and link directories used to rule the internet at some point. Fast forward to 2018, these do not work so well. The only time they actually provide value is if the article or link directories are high quality ones. If you are looking to have your articles on certain sites, make sure they are high quality, provide value and only accept unique content.

A better strategy would be to search for niche specific article directories and submit unique content. Even better is to get high quality blogs in your niche and look for guest posting opportunities.

Reciprocal Links

Reciprocal links are pretty much not a good idea now. Getting links from another site is a thumbs up from that site, and that was of course a ranking factor and a way to build links. Reciprocal links are not that effective anymore, especially in the way webmasters do it. A link on the sidebar of a blog/website is not that valuable anymore, its way better to have the link in the context, as it will be a relevant link to content that expands on the topic that you are writing about.

When it comes to link building, the best thing that you can do is to create high quality content that is a kind of a resource for the topic that you are writing about.  If you write great content, people will naturally link to you.

Also, get out there, build relationships with people and when they see the high quality content that you are producing, they will want to link to you.


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